Link moving

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Hey guys! i kno its been a long time since i posted so… yeah this blog is gonna b moved to a different link. Heres the link: mk cya.



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Hey guys!!! Its the fall… FAIR!!!!! Its awsome!!!!! Also… Rockhopper is here!!!! This is your chance 2 meet him!!! Anyways…. RANDOMZ PICTURE TIMEZ!!!!! Here is the pic:

 Aug. 31st Blog Image.jpg

Lolz!! Anyway and now for some FALL FAIR PICZ!! Here they are:



Friday Blog Pic.jpg


Ok thats it I guess… cya next time!!!

New green gear!

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Hey guys! Im pretty sure by now you have seen the green gear in the catalog…. There’s a new green team!!! (I guess) I think im either gonna stay for the blue team or go to the green team. Comment on what u think!! I also just wanted 2 let u know that there is a new page called: Whats comming up on this blog! So from now on no more whats coming up secrets. So anyways from now on in some posts there will be: RANDOM PICTURE TIME!!! Here is 1 now:


So anyways bye!

New catalog!

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Hey pplz! Its that time of the year again! A new snow and sports catalog! I’d like to show u an old pic of CP, well not old pic but a new pic about old times. Here it is:


So What do you think? Anyways, I also want to show u a pic of how CP would make an eating candy sport (if there was 1) Here it is:


Pretty cool huh? Anyways, Bye!!

New stage play!

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Hey guys! As alot of you might have known, there is a new play! check it out! Here is a pic:



Sweet! I like the new costumes! What is your fav part? Anyway, just for fun I wanted to show you guys a sketch of the puffles at the top of the stage when u get in the stage. Here it is:


Also, a sneek peek of the new sports catalog came out today. Here it is:


Enough about CP news, now a big newz from me! Im quiting my chat!! Yep im quitting. Can’t tell u y! Im sorry! Im quitting I will still be on CP and posting on this blog and my website ( But no more Sorry! So anyways, bye! Chao!

Flight festival extended!

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Hey guys! Im pretty sure most of you guys know that the flight festival has been extended! So.. today is the last day. Until the party ends get all of your free stuff! For all penguins: Green propeller hat Place: Plaza. For members only: Jetpack Place: Tallest mountain (Take the ballon ride). In other news, the new play “Underwater adventure” is coming tommorow! And happy77 (a moderator of Club Penguin) has interviewed artists that designed the play, you might wanna check that out (  Anyways, from now on when partys end we will have a “memory picture” in the last blog before the party ends! So Here is this partys memory picture:

Air Pirates.jpg

Ok Bye! – Bendavp-

Flight festival almost over!

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NOOOO! Bad newz, flight festival almost over!! I managed to get footage of the ballon ride and meet gary ( Anyway, I wanted to show u what ppl were thinking before the flight festival, and what ppl r thinking of it now so here it is!





Big change! heh heh. Well ill keep u posted -Bendavp-